Who did that to you? Who fucked you up so bad, emotionally and mentally that you’ve completely shut down anyone who tries to help you. You don’t talk about your feelings, you push kind people away, and you let negative people in. You refuse to open up and let someone love or care about you. Who fucking did that to you?

When tears fall,
And wet my cheeks…
I want nothing more,
Than for a hand,
To be there to catch them.

When something,
That makes me happy occurs,
I want nothing more,
Than for a camera,
To catch the memory.

When out of,
Spite I throw something,
I want nothing more,
Than for a friend,
To catch it.

When I trip,
And fall,
For anyone,
I need nothing more,
Than for you,
To catch me…

When I see you
I tend to smile
Not all day
But for a while
I watch you as you turn around
I remember every single sound
I watch you as you look at me
That’s when I see your beauty
I start to frown when you look away
I guess away is where you’ll stay
I go into a dreamy gaze
In my dream I was in a maze
Having you would be my prize
If I get you is a surprise
Right, left, forward and back
Trying to trace my every track
Boundary here boundary there
Boundaries located everywhere!!!
I touch the side I touch the ground
I try to locate every sound
I hear the birds start to cheep
I only hear one other peep
"Help me, Help me" I hear ahead
"Help me, help me if you can."
I knew it was him I could only tell
It wasn’t the place nor the smell
It was the sense of my crush in fear
It was a cry only my love can hear
I try my best I sprint ahead
If I was not with you I might as well be dead
I turn the corner and I see
The brightness of his beautY